At pig Iron brewery we are proud of our beers and we are sure that when you taste them you will agree they a true to their roots. 

Pig Iron IPA
4.2% ABV

A low ABV IPA made with English and German hops that are enthused with marris otter barley
An American IPA brewed to bring out the best possible blend of flavours but still keeping the characteristic of an old style IPA, taste of cara malt, bring in that malty taste dry hopped to enhance the final flavour at the back of the throat.

Tasting notes, sherbet, herbal pine and cedar with a hint of liquorice.

IBU 40.85, O-G 1.042, F-G 1.010, SRM 10.68


Pig Iron Blonde
3.8% ABV

Smooth and light blonde pale ale, all english malt with only the best marris otter used in this recipe infused with 3 hop varieties with a hint of hunny

Tasting notes, Spicy, pine and ceder with a hint of orange.

IBU 34.95, O-G 1.037, F-G 1.009, SRM 7.11  




Pig Iron APA
4.5% ABV

Pig iron APA (all American amber) is truly all American, brewed by owner and head brewer after spending over three years in Cleveland Ohio honing his craft.  All American hops and yeast blended to bring out the best in this sweet American pale ale that does not have the hop kick but makes up for it in taste.

Tasting notes, Malty, citrus, blackburrant and grapefruit.

IBU 33.55, O-G 1.050, F-G 1.012, SRM 6.6




Pig Iron Best Bitter
4.0% ABV

As the name suggests we have used the very best ingredients in the making of this smooth and enjoyable bitter with all English grain and a mix of hops from the UK and USA.  Smooth and deep with a subtle hop flavour .Rich roasted kick, traditional black country dark best right at the top end of the SRM scale of 20.

Tasting notes, floral, grapefruit, pine and cedar with a spicy rich roasted


IBU 30.11, O-G 1.041, F-G 1.010 



Allergen Information

We are already listing allergens on our cask labels and there are stickers for the back of our pump clips so that all pub staff and other customers can be fully aware of the allergens in our ale.  Allergens in our bottled beers are clearly displayed on the labels.

Basic Facts

Some basic facts on the most likely allergens you might fins in beer

GLUTEN is found in malted barley, wheat, rye and other cereals.  In a traditional brewing process any gluten is largely broken down.  All our beers contain some gluten

SULPHITES none of our ales contain reportable amounts of sulphites under the regulations.

ISINGLASS is a clarifying agent used in most cask beers and in many bottle and keg beers.  Whilst isinglass is derived from fish it is not considered an allergen owing to the careful cleaning process followed by the supploers we choose.  Our saison does not use any isinglass and is suitable for vegans.